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Occupancy analytics
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Interaction detection

Context-aware open office spaces help Desjardins make sense of how non-assigned seating impacts their occupancy targets.

2017-2021 Case Study


Context-aware hospital wards help USC make sense of how healthcare workers' daily routines impact their stress levels.

2017-2021 Case Study

Museum of Civilisation

Context-aware museum exhibits help the Museum of Civilisation make sense of how personas impact how long guests visit and where they spend their time.

2021 Case Study

US Army

Context-aware maintenance garages help the US Army make sense of how operational inefficiencies impact soldiers' productivity.

2019 Case Study

Montreal Jewish General Hospital

Context-aware hospital clinics help Montréal's Jewish General Hospital make sense of how occupancy patterns impact their real estate needs.

2020-present Case Study

Videotron Affaires

Context-aware workplaces help Vidéotron Affaires offer their business clients a safe and ethical return-to-work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Case Study


Context-aware transit corridors help Civilia make sense of the volume, speed and mode of vehicle traffic from ambient data.

2019-present Case Study

Montreal en Histoires

Context-aware outdoor projection sites help Montréal en Histoires make sense of what foot traffic patterns reveal about user experiences.

2019-2022 Case Study


Context-aware university labs help ESG UQAM make sense of how customer journeys influence the future of retail.

2019-present Case Study


Context-aware power plants help Entergy make sense of the condition and life cycle of their equipment.



Context-aware operations centres help BIXI make sense of their inventory and physical operations.


Cirque du Soleil

Context-aware family entertainment centers help Cirque du Soleil make sense of how visitor journeys influence user experiences.


Ohio State University

Context-aware early childhood education centers help OSU researchers make sense of how interpersonal physical and verbal interactions affect child development.


L'Oreal Canada

Context-aware office spaces help L'Oréal Canada make sense of how employee activities impact amenity requirements.



Context-aware retail spaces help Jogogo help their clients make sense of how customer journeys reflect retail experiences.


Event Presence

Context-aware conference centers help Event Presence orient their users on a floorplan during telepresence experiences.


EBOS Group

Context-aware delivery vehicles help EBOS Group make sense of how pharmaceutical delivery operations impact their client success metrics.



Context-aware warehouses, vehicles and job sites help Kahi make sense of how restoration equipment utilisation impacts operational efficiency.


Tennis Inc

Context-aware conference venues help Tennis personalise and make sense of guest experiences for their corporate clients.


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