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Uncertain where to start?  Behold.


Make sense of the next step forward for your organisation among all the practical possibilities.


Our Behold package includes:

  • a comprehensive introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) and context-aware physical spaces (CAPS)
  • a site tour & inclusive exchange to discover specific opportunities for your organisation
  • a practical workshop advancing identified use cases following the DMAIC approach

Agenda highlights include:

A morning making sense
Making sense of the IoT & CAPSpaces

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) with specific focus on context-aware physical spaces.

Making sense of organisational needs & aspirations

Round-table discussion and site tour to establish organisational context and co-identify opportunities.

An afternoon of action
Cross-functional teams workshop

Participants collaborate on identified opportunities, applying DMAIC and our DEEM approach.

Debrief & call-to-action

Thorough workshop debrief emphasising alignment towards actionable paths forward.

We invite the host organisation to organise a breakfast, lunch and/or end-of-day cocktail to maximise the opportunities for candid exchanges.

Behold the beginning of your journey forward


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