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Innovation towards efficient humanity

Our Vision

Our vision is ubiquitous machine-contextual-awareness at the service of humanity.

With their extensive experience in real-time location systems (RTLS) and radio frequency identification (RFID), the reelyActive co-founders envisaged a foreseeable future where computers could make sense of who/what was where and how, in real-time, in any physical space. Key to this vision are two innovations:

  1. innovation on infrastructure
  2. innovation on ownership

Innovation on Infrastructure

The physical world is dynamic: people and things move about. Ubiquitous real-time location would afford computers an understanding of our physical world, however, this requires ubiquitous infrastructure in physical spaces.

Fortunately, there is a ubiquitous infrastructure in physical spaces: electric light. We've designed our software platform to leverage next-generation luminaires equipped with radio receivers, as well as third-party RTLS and RFID infrastructure.

In the interim, we innovated with our own infrastructure. In 2012 we introduced the reel, an efficient, versatile and cost-effective architecture to cover any physical space. And our recently introduced Showcase Kit makes connecting a physical space as simple as the proverbial screwing in of a lightbulb.

Innovation on Ownership

The models of data ownership we've become accustomed to online do not transpose well to the physical world in which we live, work and play. Without uncompromisable user trust, it is difficult to imagine the widespread voluntary exchange of information across all types of real-world interactions.

Hence our mission to unlock the value of the data you choose to share.

We founded reelyActive on the premise that your data is your data. The purpose of our platform has always been to facilitate the real-time exchange of information. We monetise as the messenger, never as the reseller, and hence, we do not store historic data.

The key elements of our technology are open source and/or published. With transparency we strive to earn our users' trust, while our clients retain their freedom to operate should, regrettably, we fail to retain their trust.

Finally, we are innovating on our own corporate ownership to ensure that our purpose cannot be compromised by competing interests.


Our motivation, in two words, is efficient humanity.

Aggregate energy efficiency is the ratio of the potential to do useful work, and according to experts such as Jeremy Rifkin (see our bibliography), this leveled off at around 13% in the United States two decades ago.

Humanity could rise above the resource constraints of our planet and continue to flourish indefinitely by boosting aggregate energy efficiency.

And this is exactly the promise of the latest industrial revolution, in which an Internet of Things rooted in ubiquitous real-time location infrastructure, and a Pervasive Sharing Economy fostered by uncompromisable user trust, both play a pivotal role.

Hence our vision of ubiquitous machine-contextual-awareness at the service of humanity.

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