Ambient Data

Machine-readable information—all around us.

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The physical spaces in which we live, work and play,
are brimming with ambient data:
machine-readable information facilitating
discovery and exchange among occupants.

5 Billion

Bluetooth Low Energy radio-identifiable devices shipped in 2023 alone.

28 Billion

RAIN RFID radio-identifiable devices shipped in 2021 alone.

Each of these tens of billions of devices is discoverable at a human scale of about 10m: chances are that the device on which you're reading this is one of them!

The opportunistic discovery and inherent location—at a human scale—of any and all of these devices represent ambient data in its most basic form: what is where*

*Add how by interpreting the payloads of ambient devices: something we've pioneered with our open source advlib libraries since 2015.

Ambient devices

What? How?

Ambient infrastructure


RFID as Ambient Data

Learn more by browsing the tutorial we presented at the IEEE RFID 2022 conference.


We embrace ambient data.

Our vision

reelyActive's vision is to foster a new economy where every participant benefits from exchanging their ambient data.

Our mission

reelyActive's mission is to put ambient data to work in order to enrich the human experience.

Ambient data can be collected and processed into a stream of hyperlocal context, thereby enabling context-aware physical spaces.

And that's exactly how our Pareto Anywhere open source middleware "makes sense of things".


  Yes   By default, the radio-identifiable information from ambient devices is anonymous, facilitating only anonymous occupancy analytics and environmental sensing. Individuals and organisations can nonetheless choose to explicitly associate their devices with people, products and places to facilitate additional use cases.

  Yes   Ambient data is abundant throughout the spaces in which digitally-connected humans live, work and play. Once again, the device on which you are reading this is likely itself a source of ambient data!

  Yes   We argue that any application which "unlocks the value of the data you choose to share" represents an ethical use of ambient data, predicated on the condition that you remain in complete control of making the informed choice of what to share, where, when and with whom.
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