reelyActive Funnel

Freedom to make sense of things

Realise the promise of the Internet of Things on your own terms.

Our Pareto Anywhere middleware makes sense of

who/what is where/how

in a standard way.

Make Sense of Things

In any physical space, in real time, with a single standard data format.

Interoperability at the of an open ecosystem.

Collect sensor data

Make sense of what is how?

Using the Bluetooth Low Energy & EnOcean Alliance wireless sensors of your choice.

Environmental sensing

Analyse occupancy

Make sense of how many occupants are where?

Anonymously, using any combination of occupancy sensors and ambient signals from mobile devices.

Occupancy analytics

Track assets

Make sense of what is where?

Using the RAIN RFID & Bluetooth Low Energy tags of your choice.

Asset tracking

Locate personnel

Make sense of who is where?

Using the Bluetooth Low Energy badges and wearables of your choice.

Personnel tracking

Detect interactions

Make sense of who is interacting with whom (or what)?

Using off-the-shelf Bluetooth Low Energy devices running our open source DirAct embedded software.

Interaction detection

Realise your application

Make sense of what matters to you!

With the freedom to extend and adapt our modular middleware—it's open source!

Realise your application

Our Product

Pareto Anywhere is our open source IoT middleware that handles the hardware side of things so that you can rightly focus on the applications side of things.

Enjoy freedom from artificial constraints—forever!

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Our Business

We guide forward-looking organisations at any stage of their transformation.

Our products are free to use.   Team up with a package that makes sense for you.


Make sense of where to begin with an on-site training & workshop.


Achieve a quick win with a turnkey pilot project.


Leverage our team as an extension of your own.

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Our Impact

Innovating hand-in-hand with innovators since 2012.

Making the Internet of Things make sense—for us all!

Making sense of

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Where to find us in 2024:

April 10

AIoT Canada Spring Summit

Ottawa, ON

May 3-4

OSHWA Open Hardware Summit

Concordia University, Montréal, QC

June 4-6


MIT Media Lab, Boston, MA

June 17-20

Aruba Atmosphere & HPE Discover

The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV

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