World-leaders in BYOD RTLS.

BYOD: Bring your own device

Our technology platform detects the devices people already carry.

RTLS: Real-Time Location System

Our platform identifies and locates these devices by listening and making sense of their ambient wireless traffic.


Our Pareto cloud platform delivers a real-time data stream of who/what is where.

We are world-leaders in BYOD RTLS

Perfecting our platform since 2012

Zone Location

Our technology platform understands physical spaces as functionally meaningful zones.

Zones as webpages

Each zone can be associated with a webpage (URL), its digital equivalent online.

Browse like the web

The real-world behaviour of people and assets can now be modelled, interpreted and measured exactly as online behaviour.

BYOD RTLS meets the Web

Established standards for any device, any space, and any application

Between billions of advertisers and countless clouds

Sensor infrastructure, either third-party (BYOI) or our own novel reel architecture, automatically identifies and locates wireless "advertising" devices.

Our Pareto platform contextualises the real-time data stream — who/what is where — before distributing it among complementary third-party platforms as required.

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Inspired Innovation

Since 2012, our team and collaborators have proudly innovated with the mission to advance machine-contextual-awareness at the service of humanity. In this pursuit, among other things, we have published several scientific articles, defined the concept of "hyperlocal context", developed a wealth of open source code, and invented & commercialised a novel sensor architecture. We invite you to follow the links below to learn more:

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