Ambient data made actionable

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Ambient data

Ambient data is an abundant, continuous and underutilised source of machine-readable information present at a human scale.

Our technology stack collects and processes ambient data, distributing the resulting contextual, actionable information.

Ambient Data

Devices / DirAct

Products, people and places are machine-identifiable by the devices they carry/wear. Our technology stack is protocol-agnostic.

DirAct is our embedded software which enables compatible devices to detect proximity interactions between people, places and products.

Ambient Devices DirAct

Ambient data gateways

Gateway infrastructure collects and relays real-time ambient data for processing. Our technology stack is hardware-agnostic.

Our reel architecture provides daisy-chained dependability and our Owl-in-One provides open source hardware/software flexibility.

Compatible Infrastructure reelyActive Gateways


A raddec is an open-standard representation of a radio decoding.

We developed the raddec standard to provide a protocol-agnostic means of representing and efficiently transferring ambient data across networks.


Pareto Anywhere

Pareto Anywhere is our current flagship technology which processes ambient data as raddecs into actionable information in the form of hyperlocal context.

Pareto Anywhere is continuously evolving, community-driven, permissively licensed open source software written in Node.js that runs anywhere: edge, local or cloud.

Pareto Anywhere

Hyperlocal Context / API

Hyperlocal context is a machine-readable real-time representation of the real-world on a human scale: a digital snapshot of who/what is where/how.

Hyperlocal context is consumed through a or REST API.

Hyperlocal Context

Pareto Apps

Pareto Apps are a suite of web applications built on the hyperlocal context API.

Pareto Apps are open source, permissively-licensed and written in simple vanilla JavaScript to facilitate experimentation and extensibility.

Pareto Apps

Elastic integration

Pareto Anywhere integrates seamlessly with the open source Elastic Stack, facilitating storage in Elasticsearch with search and analysis of data in Kibana.

In fact, we won an Elastic Search Award for this integration!

Integration Awards

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