Once again, we are a technology company.

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We develop and democratise
the foundational technologies that enable
context-aware physical spaces.

Context-aware physical spaces?

Transforming ambient data into hyperlocal context

Since the emergence of de facto global standards for radio-identification in 2014, we pioneered the transformation of the ambient data already present in physical spaces into hyperlocal context: a digital snapshot of who/what is where/how.

Context-aware physical spaces make sense of who/what is where/how—for whatever matters to us.

Open architecture

An open architecture ensures that the heterogeneous technologies and interests found in any context-aware physical space are accommodated.

Open source

Our commitment to developing open source technologies enshrines the freedoms necessary to make any physical space context-aware.

Our workplace is a living lab whose occupants exist and interact both physically and digitally, nurturing the continuous evolution of our technologies.

The reel, our namesake technology innovation, solves what began as a hard problem.

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Art & Technology

We foster technoethics through artistic collaborations.

Science & Research

We chose to publish—not to patent—our technology.

Developers, developers, developers!

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