Pareto Anywhere

Make any physical space anywhere context-aware.

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Realise the potential of physical/digital convergence by making any physical space context-aware.

Pareto Anywhere is the open source middleware that enables context-aware physical spaces—anywhere.

Leap into action

  Achieve a working demo in an instant.

Enjoy the familiarity of working with web-standard interfaces: Pareto Anywhere abstracts away the technological challenges of implementation.

Forge ahead freely

  Advance free from artificial constraints.

Enjoy progressing continuously at your own pace: Pareto Anywhere enshrines permissionless innovation by design, evolving to meet your ever-changing needs.

Pareto Anywhere overview

Ambient data in…

Pareto Anywhere collects ambient data from the radio-identifiable devices occupying a physical space via the ambient infrastructure already present in that space.

…Hyperlocal Context out

Pareto Anywhere serves a real-time stream of who/what is where/how as web-standard machine-readable data: Hyperlocal Context.

Data that naturally makes sense...

…in real-time

Pareto Anywhere Apps

Keep closely informed about what matters to you via web applications accessible on personal devices and ambient displays alike.

…over time

Pareto Anywhere + Kibana Canvas

Make sense of who/what is where/how—and when—with your database & analytics suite of choice, such as the Elastic Stack.

Any radio-identifiable device.

There are tens of billions shipping annually.

Anyone who chooses to be discoverable.

Individuals are by default invisible or anonymous.

Anywhere ambient infrastructure is found.

That's anything with a radio and a network connection.

However the environment can be sensed.

Any transmitted timeseries data and/or events.

Right now.

Pareto Anywhere is real-time middleware.

We live, work and play in physical spaces.

Context-aware physical spaces are the natural interface to transform how we live, work and play both purposefully and efficiently.


Pareto Anywhere is written in JavaScript for Node.js enabling it to run just as readily on a resource-constrained embedded computer as on a powerful server.

  •   Edge  
  •   Local  
  •   Cloud

You can even run Pareto Anywhere right now:





Anything anywhere

Pareto Anywhere is continuously evolving to embrace ambient data from anything found in any physical space.

Currently supported
Ambient Devices
Tags, badges, mobile, wearables, beacons, sensors, ...
Ambient Infrastructure
Gateways, anchors, access points, luminaires, ...
Bluetooth Low Energy, RAIN RFID, EnOcean, WiFi, UWB*, proprietary, ...

* in development

Partnerships and Integrations

Open architecture

Pareto Anywhere fosters true interoperability

Open source

Pareto Anywhere is open source and free as in freedom:

  •   Freedom of access  
  •   Freedom to modify  
  •   Freedom from lock-in

Free of cost

Pareto Anywhere is free as in free of cost to use.

  •   No license fees  
  •   No artificial constraints  
  •   Available paid support

Developers, developers, developers!

Enough reading. Try Pareto Anywhere on your PC!


  Yes   More specifically, Pareto Anywhere is a non-monolithic IoT platform thanks to its open architecture and modular design.

  Yes   However, unlike a traditional RTLS, Pareto Anywhere locates any radio-identifiable device using any gateway infrastructure, promoting interoperability over lock-in.

  No   Pareto Anywhere is a lightweight middleware that is typically installed and operated by an integrator or the client themselves. For convenience, we may nonetheless operate an instance of Pareto Anywhere for a client as part of our Breakthrough package.
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