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What's Advertising?

Recent Bluetooth devices can spontaneously transmit "advertising" packets (yes, that's exactly what they're called). Any listener can discover "advertisers" within about a ten meter range. Here's the latest breakdown of what our Pareto platform is hearing:

While this concept has existed for decades, only recently have people started carrying and wearing such devices en masse in the form of smartphones and wearables. Whether you're a business or an individual, the choice is yours:

  • Be invisible.
  • Be anonymous.
  • Be your brand.

Hears Here's how.

Products that Advertise

Many wearables and recent consumer electronic devices will periodically send advertising packets, which often include an identifier specifying the manufacturer or device itself. The brands shown are among the many which can be identified by their advertisements.

Integrate your Product

Smartphones are invisible when Bluetooth is disabled. They may be anonymously discoverable when Bluetooth is enabled. Anything more requires the installation of a mobile app.

Mobile Apps that Advertise

Both iOS and Android allow mobile applications to advertise specific identifiers. Mobile applications may therefore advertise their users as:

  • members of the brand
  • members of a specific class of the brand
  • uniquely identifiable individuals
Integrate your Mobile App

Individuals who Advertise

By using Google's Physical Web in reverse, it is possible today to advertise your personal brand in a standardised fashion. Anyone nearby with a Physical-Web-enabled smartphone will even receive a notification of your presence!

Have a recent Android smartphone? Experience it yourself right now with our reelyApp!

Advertise Yourself with reelyApp

"The real-world cookie"

The fact that there are billions of people and products advertising themselves allows our technology to listen and model interactions in a physical space as interactions on a web page. Browsing the physical world becomes analogous to browsing the web, while, as an individual or as a business, you retain the choice to:

  • Be invisible.
  • Be anonymous.
  • Be your brand.

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