DirAct by reelyActive


The open source embedded software for real-time proximity interaction detection.

Open source embedded software,
DirAct reframes real-time location as
who is interacting with whom/what?

DirAct: answer the question that matters

A real-time location system (RTLS) answers the question "who is where?"

An indoor positioning system (IPS) answers the question "where am I?"

DirAct answers the question "who is interacting with whom or what?"

Location made meaningful

Whereas a RTLS or IPS typically represents location as x,y or x,y,z coordinates, DirAct represents location as meaningful interactions between people, products and places:

  • Person A is interacting with Person B
  • Person A is interacting with Cart C
  • Person A is interacting with Door D

Use Case


Device-agnostic by design, DirAct embedded software can run on:

  •   Any Bluetooth beacon
  •   Any Bluetooth wearable


By developers, for developers

Modular and extensible by design, DirAct is the ideal launch point for interactive application development.

  •   Source code on GitHub
  •   JavaScript (runs on Espruino)
  •   Novice-friendly docs & tutorials

Code Docs

Case studies

Organisations, both big and small, successfully apply DirAct to:

  •   Business outcomes  
  •   Technical integrations

Case Studies

Free as can be

Permissively-licensed and open source, DirAct is continuously-evolving embedded software that guarantees:

  •   Freedom of access  
  •   Freedom to modify  
  •   Freedom from lock-in
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