Pay only for access to our team and expertise.

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Our packages provide unconstrained access to our team and expertise.
Our products are open source and free of cost.


Enjoy unconstrained access to our team and expertise



Turnkey pilot project with support and knowledge transfer.

$20,000 typical



Enjoy freedom from artificial constraints

Open source middleware for context-aware physical spaces.

$0 always

Open source embedded software for proximity identification.

$0 always


  Contact us   Beyond subscription pricing is proportional to scale and scope. $1/ft2 for the first year may serve as a baseline for deployments over 2500ft2. Contact us for an estimate based on your situation.

  No   The purpose of the annual subscription is to make it as simple as possible to work together with minimal overhead, such as billing, which occurs just once a year.

  No   Both Pareto Anywhere and DirAct are permissively-licensed open source software and hence there are no licensing fees to use our software: it's free!
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