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Montréal on Architecture

Where might you find the world's tallest inclined tower?

In Montréal, a city that's not afraid to innovate on architecture. Nor were we afraid to innovate on architecture when we developed the reel, a novel daisy-chain sensor infrastructure. And wouldn't you know, our innovative architecture is installed throughout the world's tallest inclined tower!

Montréal on Open Innovation

Where might you find the world's largest open innovation challenge?

In Montréal, a city whose companies aren't afraid to approach innovation differently. Nor were we afraid to approach innovation differently when we chose to open source and publish not patent. And wouldn't you know, our open innovations will be present at the Coopérathon which in 2019 will be hosted in our Olympic Stadium whose roof is supported by the inclined tower!

Montréal on Communication

Where might you find one of the world's most linguistically diverse neighbourhoods?

In Montréal, a city where, in an enclave of just 6600 residents you can find 48 different languages spoken at home, and well over half the population speak both French and English (even in the same sentence, as is often the case in our office!) It should come as no surprise then that our technology platform is communication-protocol-agnostic, interpreting whatever "languages" wireless devices choose to speak!

Montréal on Industrial Revolutions

Where might you find the birthplace of the industrial revolution in Canada?

In Montréal, specifically in the neighbourhood of Griffintown. And wouldn't you know, Griffintown happens to be both the birthplace and headquarters of reelyActive! Could we have chosen a more symbolic place to lead the advance towards Industry 4.0? No!

Moreover, we build our hardware in Montréal too!

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