Desjardins DTM Case Study

A 15% savings on real estate with employee experience benefits.

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North America's largest federation of credit unions, Desjardins, were thinking ahead when they selected Montreal's Olympic Stadium, the world's tallest inclined tower, as their newest office space. Their move to this new space kick-started their journey to create a smart and innovative workplace to accommodate 1,600 employees without assigned seating.

To facilitate the transition, they wanted employees to be able to see the availability of any space in real-time, and locate their colleagues.   Logient was retained to develop a bespoke mobile app and data management solution and reelyActive was retained to outfit the building with infrastructure to capture and contextualise the ambient occupancy data. reelyActive would later assume the data management responsibilities, replacing the bespoke solution with a standard Elastic Cloud instance to provide anonymous occupancy analytics.

"We chose reelyActive technology as part of a core element for our key transformation project [...] because of its unique capabilities and its complete API that make this low-TCO product future-ready and a strong asset to deliver fact-based business insights in real time."

Desjardins DTM Technology Stack

Present Solution

Data visualisation and manipulation in Kibana
Hosted Pareto Anywhere instance
187 reelceivers on 7 floors
Ambient mobile devices (no app)

"The data we collected confirmed that we could reduce our office space by 15% and continue to meet our top-notch employee experience targets."

  • Desjardins DTM
  • Montréal, Canada
  • Launched 2018

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