US Army Fort Drum/Hood Case Study

Insights into operational efficiency in difficult data capture environments.

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US Army Fort Drum

The US Army periodically mandates studies to validate and improve the operational efficiency of their facilities. Studies based on manual data capture/entry were found to lack detail and rigour, while automatic data capture methods were found to be too expensive and complicated for short-terms studies.

A contract for a week-long study each at Fort Drum and Fort Hood was awarded to KFS LLC who selected reelyActive as the automatic data capture provider. The location of soldiers working in vehicle maintenance facilities was recorded over the course of each work day.   The personnel tracking data set was provided to Jacobs, the subject matter experts retained for reporting and analysis.

The reelyActive platform proved well-adapted to the unique constraints of the studies and the military facilities. On-site power and network limitations, short and unpredictable deployment timelines, as well as unreliable Internet connectivity were all overcome to provide ample and uninterrupted data for analysis.

"We're now able to automatically collect personnel journeys in challenging environments, even for studies as short as a few days."

US Army Technology Stack

Deployed Solution

Data extraction from Kibana for further processing
Local and hosted Pareto Anywhere instances for redundancy
40+ Owl-in-Ones rapidly and temporarily deployed across multiple buildings
Minew E8 beacons worn as personnel badges
  • US Army
  • New York & Texas, USA
  • 2019

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