Pareto Anywhere, DirAct and ambient data gateways.

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Our products enable
context-aware physical spaces,
unified by Pareto Anywhere our
open source middleware.

Pareto Anywhere

Making anywhere context-aware, from the ambient data that's already there.

Pareto Anywhere transforms the ambient data from devices and infrastructure already present in any physical space into a real-time stream of who/what is where/how at the service of any software application.

Pareto Anywhere makes sense of who/what is where/how—for whatever matters to you.

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Make sense of who is interacting with whom/what with our DirAct open source embedded software that is free to run on ambient devices.

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Ambient Data Gateways


Enabling the freedom of context-aware innovation truly anywhere.


Enabling the novel reel architecture that is our namesake.

Showcase Kit 2.0 by reelyActive

Showcase Kit

Pareto Anywhere, DirAct, ambient data gateways and all you need to evaluate every use case in just one plug-and-play kit. Plus 10 hours of our expertise to use as you please.

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