Platform Showcase

Observe the possibilities.

What can you do with a real-time stream of who/what is where/how?


Who/what is present?   How many and where?

Anonymous Occupancy

Observe relative occupancy by detecting the devices people already carry.

Live Directory

Observe who is where by identifying those who opt-in with a mobile app or beacon.


Where on the map is ___?

Ambiarc Integration

Visualise real time occupancy, location and environmental data with a 3D map.


Visualise all real-time location events simultaneously on OpenStreetMap.


How is the current state?

Hello Sensors

Observe acceleration, temperature, humidity, battery level and more.


Where do people visit and when?

Google Analytics Integration

Analyse real-world behaviour like online behaviour, creating dashboards in Data Studio.


All in one kit

Everything you've seen here is bundled with our Showcase Kit, the easiest way to observe what you can do with a real-time stream of who/what is where/how in order to optimise what matters for your business.

Observe your Space

Optimise what matters for your business.
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