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Our Showcase Kit is the fastest and most cost-effective way to embrace the ambient data in your space—without having to write a line of code.

  • Plug-and-play
  • All use cases
  • 10 hours support/dev

Included hardware

Our Showcase Kit 2.0 includes ambient data gateways, sensor beacons, and a Pi computer running Pareto Anywhere.

Photo Qty. Product Description
Owl-in-One 3 reelyActive Owl-in-One ambient data gateway.
Puck.js 2 Puck.js sensor beacon programmed with DirAct.
Minew E8 6 Minew E8 accelerometer beacon.
Minew S1 1 Minew S1 temperature/humidity beacon.
FR03 x 2
Raspberry Pi 1 Pi computer with enclosure and microSD card running Pareto Anywhere.
AC-USB adapter 4 AC-USB adapter with global compatibility (North American ).

Default Network Configuration

The Showcase Kit ships with one Owl-in-One configured as a WiFi access point. The Pi and remaining Owl-in-Ones are configured as WiFi clients.

Each Owl-in-One multicasts real-time data to all devices connected to the WiFi network. Receive the real-time data stream simply by connecting to the WiFi network.


  Yes   Just plug the gateways and the Pi in to power to get up and running. The Pi is even configured to drive a display via HDMI so that anyone can explore Pareto Apps without having to touch a computer.

  Yes   Most clients use the hours for development/support towards a specific outcome. Use them however and whenever it makes sense for you.

  Next day   The Showcase Kit typically ships from our Montréal office the next business day via Canada Post (Xpresspost). Delivery times vary by region.
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