JGH CLSC Métro Case Study

A clinical pilot to better plan for deployment at scale.

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Montréal's Jewish General Hospital (JGH) faced the challenge of locating assets and analysing occupancy patterns throughout their spaces, which are distributed across many buildings and campuses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a narrow window of opportunity presented itself to pilot a project in a clinic to validate potential solutions ahead of a broader rollout.

reelyActive was selected for the unique ability to deploy, on a constrained schedule, their infrastructure which simultaneously supports both use cases (and more!). Over just two days, reel infrastructure was installed out-of-sight above the false ceiling of the clinic. Within a week, meaningful occupancy and asset tracking data was available for the client to explore through Kibana dashboards prepared by the reelyActive team.

The experience gained from the project enabled the JGH to accurately plan and estimate the feasibility, costs and risks associated with a deployment at scale.

Incredibly, the pilot itself was realised within a week—and during the COVID-19 pandemic at that!

JGH CLSC Metro Technology Stack

Present Solution

Individual dashboard for each use case in Kibana
Hosted Pareto Anywhere instance
37 reelceivers on 1 floor
Ambient mobile devices
and Minew E8 beacons affixed to assets

As little as a 5% optimisation of our clinic space could translate into over $1M in annual savings.

  • JGH CLSC Métro
  • Montréal, Canada
  • Launched 2020

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