Pareto Anywhere & Espruino devices

Espruino Devices

JavaScript-programmable wireless sensors that transmit data for Pareto Anywhere to make sense of.

Wirelessly monitor anything using the connectivity infrastructure and software stack of your choice.

Espruino devices transmit identifiers and sensor data.

Pareto Anywhere middleware affords you the freedom to choose:

  • any Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity infrastructure,
  • any software stack,

processing and relaying the data between the two, in a standard format that makes sense.

IoT Partnership

reelyActive is an Espruino technology partner.

Espruino Products

Developers, developers, developers!

Enough reading. Configure some Espruino devices!

Free as can be

Pareto Anywhere is open source and free:

  •   Free of cost  
  •   Freedom from lock-in  
  •   Free of artifical constraints

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Go faster with expert guidance.

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