Montréal en Histoires Cité Mémoire Case Study

Understanding foot traffic across outdoor projection sites.

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Montréal en Histoires, the organisation behind the largest outdoor projection walking tour in the world, sought a technology solution to measure visits to its urban projection sites. In collaboration with local ESG UQAM university researchers, a pilot project was deployed across three sites for year-round, all-weather operation.

Ambient Bluetooth data from mobile devices, including those running the Montréal en Histoires app, was anonymously collected by an Owl-in-One gateway at each site and forwarded in real-time to a hosted database with visualisation of occupancy analytics in Kibana.   At the single site without Internet connectivity at the projector, the Owl-in-One was paired with a 4G modem in a pole-mounted weatherproof enclosure.

The time series data allowed the researchers to effectively estimate foot traffic patterns of all visitors to the projection sites, complementing and enriching the baseline analytics independently compiled from users of the Montréal en Histoires mobile app.

The collected data allows us to visualise peak occupancy per site and other relevant metrics for over a year.

Montreal en Histoires Cite Memoire Technology Stack

Prototyped Solution

Data visualisation and manipulation in Kibana
Pareto Anywhere instance running edge (on each gateway)
3 Owl-in-One gateways
Ambient mobile devices
(with and without mobile app)

Although our products have been designed and tested to run under harsh environments, I am still impressed to see them survive two cold Montreal winters without fail.

  • Montréal en Histoires Cité Mémoire
  • Montréal, Canada
  • Launched 2019

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