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reelyActive Launches Pareto Platform

Montréal, Canada — April 27th, 2016.   Today Canadian Internet of Things startup reelyActive launched Pareto, a cloud platform for connected spaces. The platform is targeted at the owners/managers of physical spaces such as retail stores, coworking spaces and entertainment venues. Pareto allows them to visualise and understand the visitor traffic in their space. By sensing and measuring real-world behaviour, they can optimise what matters for their business.

"Analytics for physical spaces is nothing revolutionary," said Jeffrey Dungen, co-founder and CEO of reelyActive, "however, it is now easier than ever to connect your space, and this at a price point accessible to the average independent owner". He added "what is revolutionary is the ability we provide to relay the real-time data to any digital platform".

Unlike most vendors in this space, reelyActive does not offer a full-stack solution, but instead allows customers to choose from an array of third-party analytics and engagement platforms which complete the package. Most notably, Pareto integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, an industry-standard tool with a capable free tier. Those who already use Google Analytics to understand behaviour on their website can now use that same tool to understand real-world behaviour in their store or venue.

A Pareto starter kit consists of a sensor that connects to any computer via USB, and includes a 3-month trial of the platform. The sensor anonymously detects devices such as smartphones, wearables and trackers via their Bluetooth signals. Unlike Bluetooth beacons, all reelyActive sensors benefit from an always-on power and Internet connection. Following the trial, customers can choose from a range of plans ranging from enterprise-grade to open source. The starter kit can be purchased for $199 CAD on

Founded in Montréal, Canada in 2012, reelyActive has been a pioneer in Smart Spaces technology for the Internet of Things. Winners of a global startup competition in 2013, they continue to distinguish themselves by their publish-not-patent strategy and their commitment to open source software development within a partner ecosystem. Their vision is to unlock the value of the data you choose to share.

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