Owl-iday Special 2019

This time it rhymes!


Twas after Black Friday
In an average shopping mall
Mrs. Owl-iday on her throne
Ready for them all

The lineup was well managed
Much to guests delight
They knew just when to visit
The data told them right

Anonymous Occupancy

Timmy paid a visit
With helper Chickadee
His wish was duly noted
Quite semantically


You see there are these standards
One schema and JSON-LD
They're used across the web
For searchability


Now Timmy, owl remember
Just what your wish has been
I've linked it explicitly
With your digital twin

Blog: Digital Conjoined Twin

Far away in a workshop
The workers already know
And will bring your wish to life
Thanks to Industry 4.0

Blog: The catallaxy of Industry 4.0

You see in that workshop
Just as here in this mall
There's been a transformation
Consultants call digit-al

Blog: Ask your digital transformation provider

Will that save brick-and-mortar
Asked the young Timmy
Well, the playing field is now level
Be patient and we shall and see

Blog: Local search in 2019

Take a break Mrs. Owl-iday
All those visits take their toll
Her wellness is monitored
And DirAct plays a role


You see the badge she wears
Detects any others nearby
When she gets stressed out
The computer knows just why

Proximity Interactions

I'm not forced to wear this
I choose to opt-in
My employer and I
Know it's win-win

Blog: Data is Human

A few weeks later
On that special eve
She visited the workshop
Having wishes to retrieve

The logistics are now easy
We are beyond ERP
With item-level tracking

The wishes get all loaded
Into the proper sleigh
Digital signage alerts the workers
When something's not okay

Blog: Are we selling discomfort?

The application is custom
In fact it was they
Who developed the software
The open source way

Open Source

On GitHub, on Docker
We can't help but share
All we build on top of
Pareto Anywhere


The sleigh is all readied
When the weather takes a turn
Environmental sensing
Makes this easy to discern

Environmental Sensing

Worry not worker friends
I programmed my Bangle.js
To provide me directions with
Its compass and GPS

Program a Bangle.js

My presence can be digit-owl
Advertised with BLE
We're due for a successor to
The mobile hegemony

Blog: Who owns the future?

And with those last words
Mrs. Owl-iday took to the sky
She has wishes to deliver
It was time for goodbye

That night as Timmy slept
She spread her joy efficiently
Through technology at the service
Of all humanity

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Happy Owl-idays from the reelyActive team!

Sincere thanks to our clients, partners and collaborators for a truly outstanding 2019!

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