Owl-iday Special 2018

The year in review, expressed through Haiku.

Last year's was corny
oh so many of you said.
Fine. Haiku instead!


Listen to packets:
cyborg surveillance as art.
We are artists now.

Artistic Collaborations

Showcase Kit

Features abundant.
Far too many to show? No!
This kit does it all.

Showcase Kit

Icon Introduction

The real-world cursor?
RF signal that would be.
As simple as that.


Flagship Store

Master e-commerce,
tackle brick-and-mortar next.
Let's install some reels.

Retail Industry

Pirate Summit

Startups in Europe
showed us how purpose comes first:
Steward Ownership.

Blog post

Copenhagen Letter

The onus on tech,
this letter sums it up great.
Wow. The whole team signed.

Blog post

Innovative IoT

A top 10 startup?
Nice! But even more special:
a print magazine!

The article

Flagship Office

A nifty workplace,
world's tallest inclined tower.
Let's install more reels!

Workplace Industry

Live maps

Mere dots on a map?
Or a Unity web app?
Ambiarc is cool.


Blog Montage

We don't often write
fourteen blog posts in a year.
Excpetional? Quite!

Our blog

Instagram Montage

Is that a stuffed owl
posting selfies on IG?
Quite punny indeed!

Our Instagram

Happy Owl-idays from the reelyActive team!

Sincere thanks to our clients, partners and collaborators for a truly outstanding 2018!

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