Owl-iday Special 2017

The tale of Timmy's present.

Timmy's present

Young Timmy, who received a reelyActive trucker hat for his birthday, has an idea for his owl-idays present.

Trucker Hat


Timmy visits the mall, where he sees an interesting new display. "Oh, I see which helper has fewer visitors right now" says Timmy.

Sonar Docs


Sure enough, the line to visit the Chickadee helper is shorter. Sonar predicted this by anonymously counting the Bluetooth devices people are likely to carry.


Structured Data

Timmy shares his wish with Chickadee, who promptly records all three elements: Timmy, his wish and his address.

The web-standard format of Schema.org and JSON-LD ensures that anyone or anything can make sense of the information.

Remote Database

Timmy's wish is immediately written to a database at the workshop.

The workers had no problems setting it up — they grew up with web technologies and were inspired by our own json-silo.

Web Dashboard

Timmy's wish is displayed to the workers on a simple web dashboard.

The workers had no problems setting this up themselves either, using our cormorant.js and cuttlefish.js examples.

Asset Tracking

Once built, the workers affix an asset tracking beacon. They associate its ID with the database entry using our Pareto platform.

Pareto Association

Reel Visibility

The reel infrastructure in the workshop enables real-time asset visibilty and location which they can access in Pareto anytime, and from anywhere.

Reel Deployment

Light Visibility

The warehouse is equipped with a brand-new smart lighting infrastructure that also tracks the Bluetooth devices.

Not only are the workers finding their assets, they're finding they save a lot on energy costs too!

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Real-Time Location

Picking Timmy's present couldn't be easier. The workers set up another web dashboard by following our beaver.js tutorial.

Pretty dam efficient woodn't you sleigh?

beaver.js tutorial


The sleigh is equipped with our Owl-in-One sensor which detects that all the right presents, including Timmy's, are on board.

The latest prototype even has GPS!


Live Directory

Before entering Timmy's home, Mrs. Owl-iday first checks her live directory to ensure that everyone is in bed.

Live Directory Docs


Mrs. Owl-iday makes the drop. She's also recognised by the live directory via her mobile device which runs our reelyApp.

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Owl done!

The drop is automatically recorded. Now Mrs. Owl-iday is off to a different Timmy's to pick up some coffee for the long night ahead!

Video Version française

Happy Owl-idays from the reelyActive team!

Sincere thanks to our clients, partners and collaborators for a truly outstanding 2017!

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