Understand how people and assets behave
in physical spaces

Our platform relays who/what is where, in real-time.
We are world-leaders in BYOD Real-Time Location Systems.


Seize the moment, as real-world events unfold.
We connect rather than collect data.

No change management

Detect people via the devices they already carry.
Continue using the web platforms you already know.


By default, every device is just a number.
Our mission is to unlock the value of the data you choose to share.

Are you prepared to measure?

People and assets are advertising themselves. Our Pareto software-as-a-service measures their behaviour as if they were browsing the web, relaying the data to the online tools you already know and enjoy.

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Our platform is listening

Pareto delivers the benefits of real-time location systems (RTLS) to any application by embracing the concept of BYOD and the privacy-sensitive features of BLE.   Here's what Pareto has heard today:

Physical is Digital

How will you advertise your brand?
Are you prepared to measure?