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IoT meets Semantic Web

For us, the Internet of Things (IoT) is about computers sensing the real world, without the need for human-entered data, by means of automatic identification and real-time-location technologies. The semantic web is about computers understanding the relationships among real world entities and concepts.

Combined, the IoT and semantic web enable machine-contextual-awareness: computers understanding our world in real time.

Between billions of advertisers and countless clouds

Our novel, modular hardware sensors automatically identify and locate wireless "advertising" devices.

Our open source software relays this real-time data stream to our cloud service, Pareto.

Our Pareto platform serves real-time context, distributing it among complementary third-party platforms as required.

What exactly is real-time context?

Listening hard

Our hardware sensors, called reelceivers, listen for wireless advertising packets which they convert into serial packets.

Reelceivers can be daisy-chained to reliably and cost-effectively extend coverage over wide areas. This configuration provides flexible location granularity.

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Relaying soft

Our open source software ingests a real-time packet stream from any radio hardware, which it relays via standard IP protocols to any platform.

Programmed in Node.js, the software runs even on embedded computers. Integration with our reelceivers and Pareto platform is seamless.

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Pareto at your service

Our Pareto platform processes the data firehose from all deployments, and distributes the real-time contextual information as you define.

Pareto is a bring-your-own-device real-time-location-system and machine-to-machine platform rolled into one. That's as challenging to accomplish as it is to say — Pareto is definitely in a class of its own!

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