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Real-time location data proved to be a key indicator of workplace stress factors, providing a competitive edge for us to extend our study.

— Brandon Booth, USC

The data we collected confirmed that we could reduce our office space by 15% and continue to meet our top-notch employee experience targets.

— Serge Bendahan, Desjardins

We're continuously refining our operations by observing our asset flows from warehouse to truck to deployment site and back again.

— Kevin Dooley, Restoration Co.

Data business

Your data is your business

Our business is the technology and expertise to enable a real-time data stream. The data itself is none of our business.

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Freedom from constraints

Freedom from Constraints

Not only is our technology open sourced and permissively licensed, it is also published, not patented. Enjoy freedom to operate...forever!

Continuous innovation

Continuous Innovation

Since 2012, we've been at the forefront of innovation towards a future of ubiquitous real-time location and context.

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