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Data and Privacy

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Does reelyActive collect personal data?

No. We have no business with personal data.   Period.   Our business is understanding the real world in real time as a collection of identifiers.

Can I be personally identified by my Bluetooth device(s)?

No, not by default (see Advertise Your Brand). Only with an explicit opt-in can you transmit personally identifiable information, for instance with our reelyApp demo.

Do people want to be personally identified via their devices?

Yes, many do as we explain in this short video. We've observed that people are most likely to opt-in in exchange for something of genuine value to them.

Business model

How reelyActive creates value and makes money

What is reelyActive's core business?

reelyActive's core business is our Pareto SaaS. We also sell enabling hardware and consulting services in order to drive SaaS adoption.

Does the SaaS require reelyActive hardware?

No. Rest assured that there's no vendor lock-in: our Pareto SaaS can ingest data from third-party infrastructure. We see a bright future (pun intended) for BLE-enabled lighting infrastructure as we argue in this blog post.

What is reelyActive's pricing model?

Our pricing model is $ / m² / year. In other words, the SaaS costs are proportional to the area of coverage. Infrastructure costs, if any, are not included.


Differentiation, complementarity and more

Do you need to install a mobile app to be detected?

No. Mobile devices simply need Bluetooth turned on, and in most cases our platform can detect their advertising packet transmissions (see Advertise Your Brand).

Can more than mobile devices be detected?

Yes. Any Bluetooth Low Energy device which transmits advertising packets can be detected. This includes most wearables, trackers and asset tags (see Advertise Your Brand).

How is reelyActive's platform different than Bluetooth beacons?

In short, beacons only work with mobile and require an app (the opposite answers to the two questions above). Our platform is listening. Learn more in this short video.

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